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So made my way down to Whitchurch to a place called percys cafe and bar/music venue which in itself was a quirky awesome venue and they had old speckled hen on tap so i was happy. Why was I here? Well, to catch "THE SOURHEADS" a grunge rock/metal blues hybrid from wakefield!

Starting the night off is my friends in "MAD SPANNER", a grind/punk band from Shropshire. They started off with full energy and wall of sound that let everyone know who they are dealing with - they had songs about shitting in plastic bags, NOT kicking dogs and the perils of singularity...very super serial topics we can all relate to!

They had technical difficulties with the higher notes cutting out of the guitar, so it took away from the performance in moments when they were most relevant BUT the whole unit was on fire that night. Frontman Michael looked like he was having the time of his life and not wasting a second of stage time having the whole crowd in his hand, Ben on drums was going ballistic and sounding colossal almost drowning out everyone else and Dan on guitar seemed confident in his role and did well under the circumstances, creating some tasty chugs and riffs. All in all a great and impacting set and REALLY set the energy level for the night a solid 8/10 RIFFS

Next up were 10:59, a pop punk band, assuming they are a cover band since they only played one original song? There were moments often when the guitarist kept telling the bassist what to play which left a bad impression on the crowd and killed the flow of the set they all played well and there were a few issues of going out of time I assume is down to the bassist not knowing the songs properly.

Overall they played the songs well and had a good set and got people singing along ironically or genuine, either way it was fun. 6.5/10 RIFFS

Lastly our headliners "THE SOURHEADS". Only hearing three songs on YT i had a idea of what to expect which was grunge rock and roll with psychedelic moments and boy, they blew me away from the start the band opened with a basically a impromptu jam and the vocalist saying "you will not take my rock and roll" over and over which progressed into all out grunge rock with masterful guitar work and awesome vocals from the frontman Jake, embodying the rock and roll vibe pouring himself into each song captivating the audience with his unique performance accompanied by psychedelic tones and groove.

As the set progressed Jake just kept getting more and more intense and hands on with the set and audience. Mik on guitar was very impressive with beautiful tones and playing which just tied the band together, Lammy on drums was tight and intense all the way through steadying the band as they played. By the end of the set the whole crowd and band felt intwined and warped into Jakes rock and roll world...by the end the crowd demanded another song and they ended on a high with the crowd cheering. This was a great gig and I am now a fan of their music - I can see big things for these guys in the future! 9/10 RIFFS